The Brazilian way

March 5, 2010

Context: Renatta is upset as there is no sun here right now. She said on facebook: ” Renata Gobatto SNOW??? WHAT??? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? FUCK!”


Renatta’s a friend of mine
from the faraway Brazil
and she likes the sun to shine
when it’s cloudy she feels ill

but since not so long ago
she came here in this country
here the sun will come and go
and with clouds it just feels salty

but Renatta’s got her plan
as she need the sun to live
to get ready she began
for the clouds something to give

she flew up into the sky
where the clouds are laying back
approaching them she said “hi,
give it up or I’ll attack!”

but the cloud wasn’t so scared
he said “Hey there, little one”
for her threat they didn’t care
so a big storm they began

then Renatta got real angry
she did call for Glazione
to do something really scary
and to act like Corleone

Glazione got up too
and he said to the cloud pack:
“Hey fool, who the fuck r you?
give my girlfriend her sun back!”

the storm ended right away
as the clouds begun to run
one more thing they had to say:
“I’ll be back, you damn moron!”

Glazione’s last reply
was typically carioca
and nobody can deny
that they are crazy and loca

so the sun’s path now is clear
and no cloud is in the way
from now on it’s all good, my dears
everybody feels ok


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