Lucrand BTL

February 25, 2010

On the streets or in the bar
Wasting lives like a cigar
Cranky, horny or with humor
It’s our target: the consumer!

Like they’re living just to die
We keep moving and we try
To get in their tricky brains
With slogans or song refrains

This is how we make a living
Having the target believing
That the products are okay
So they’ll buy them right away

Overall that’s how it works
But this isn’t quite all folks
‘Cause there is a little thing
In the BTL, I think

One way that we get the people
Just get up and think a little
Then we make them act right there
Buy our products everywhere

What’s that thing that makes them all
Act like they’re under control
The consumer’s satisfaction?
Fuck them! Let’s just call to action


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