Glazione nu a venit la birou varianta in engleza

February 25, 2010

Fantasy context: Glazione got high/drunk and he invented a story with the belly and now doctors want to operate and he wants to escape this situation.

Need for drinking is a bitch
You can be poor or maybe rich
When you start to drink a lot
You might start a little plot

Because you are drunk as hell
And you might not feel so well
So you have to make some story
For the colleagues not to worry

This story’s about a guy
Glazione got so high
And he said he just got sick
He invented something slick

That his belly hurt so much
Headache, faintings and such
But you see we got so worried
We were scared that he’ll be buried

So Mihai took attitude
And called doctors for the dude
To send all the pain away
So the dude can feel okey

Glazione worries now
That he got here somehow
Now he’s really desperate
‘Cause the doctors want to operate

Now he wants to get away
Operation’s not okey
Because he just drinked a lot
And the belly’s just a plot

So the story’s gonna end
Kinda funny, dear friend
Because you just had some fun
But now you will have to run

Of the doctors and Mihai
All of this ’cause you got high

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