Ceausescu si-a dat demisia. Poezie despre ultima sa zi in agentie.

February 25, 2010

because he’s not living well
Ceausescu has a plan
he can’t stand this fucking hell
so he stands up like a man

what he wants to do is easy
for a better life to come
his job just got very cheesy
so he’ll go on by his own

so tomorrow in the morning
with a gun that’s automatic
he’ll jump in without a warning
and start shooting without panic

“fuck you all” his mouth is saying
while his colleagues fall like rocks
“I just tried and kept on trying
but it seems this job just sucks!”

In a corner of his eye
He saw something in the darkness
Gheonoaia’s flying high
Trying to escape the madness

He then shouted to the hoe
“I am Ceausescu, bitch!
I want your head on my toe”
So he shot the sorry snitch


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